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What is Snapparazzi?

Snapparazzi is a decentralised independent media sharing & advertising platform, utilising blockchain technology and offering everyone SnapCoin rewards.

Snapparazzi permanently solves the problem of incomplete media coverage. With over 2.3 billion smartphones in the world in 2017, every user can potentially become a unique and unrivaled source of exclusive footage or photos of newsworthy events.

When an event of political, social or entertainment value occurs randomly somewhere in the world, a TV or news crew is not always there to capture it. However, anyone with a smartphone and the Snapparazzi App can record it and earn money by selling it for broadcast to a willing buyer - be it a local news station, a global media giant, or an online news outlet.

The Snapparazzi platform aims to disrupt the video-on-demand and digital ad spending markets, which will be worth $90 billion and $291 billion respectively by 2020.

We are striving to be a self-governing global circle of members offering authentic news and events broadcasting with a decentralized reward system.

Be part of the SnapCommunity Now

Be the World's eye

Everyone, everywhere can earn SnapCoin

Thanks to Geolocation technology our ‘SnapReporters’ around the globe will receive notifications to inform those close to the scene that a video opportunity has arisen. Don’t miss out!

Breaking News Reporters

You share your footage with us. We share the profits with you.
Enjoy 80% sales earnings through our innovative auction system.

Content Creators

Create quality footage and be fairly rewarded.
You will receive 60% share of the advertising revenue.


Your time is money. You watch and earn.
Advertisement markets are valued at $291Billion, you deserve your share.


Moderate and boost your SnapStatus.
Get involved by becoming a SnapModerator.
Ensure our users view the most relevant and gripping footage.
The best moderators, judged by our SnapCommunity, will be rewarded with the most SnapCoin.

Token Allocation

Total Tokens issued: 735.000.000 SnapCoin











Fund Distribution












July, 2017
  • Snapparazzi concept is born
November, 2017
  • Private funding secured to launch the Snapparazzi project
January, 2018
  • Team of developers begin work on the application architecture, developing the Snapparazzi app engine from scratch
June, 2018
  • Snapparazzi Company structure
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Website launched
  • Private Sale start Week 4
July, 2018
  • Private Sale
  • Development and Marketing Team expansion
August, 2018
  • Auction platform development
  • Token smart contract
September, 2018
  • Pre ICO start Week 2
  • Pre ICO end Week 4
  • MVP release
October, 2018
  • ICO start week 1
  • ICO end week 4
November, 2018
  • Snapparazzi App beta testing
  • SnapCoin Token released on the market exchanges
  • Team expansion
December, 2018
  • Snapparazzi App released to the public via the App store and Playstore
Q1, 2019
  • Opening strategic offices in Europe/USA/Asia
  • Strategic partnership with media companies
Q2, 2019
  • Release beta of live broadcasting features

Our Top Members

All Team members token are locked for 12 months.


Ruben Valle

CEO & Co founder

Pradeep Chandra


Damien Larquey

CTO & Co founder

Anton Adamansky

Blockchain Developer

Vyacheslav Tyutyunkov

Blockchain Developer

Bella Legard

Business Development

Lisa Taylor

Creative Director

Xavier Regnier

Community Manager

Snap Advisors


José Retré

Audiovisual Advisor

Nancy Boisvert

ICO Strategic Marketing and Consulting

Alexandre Orfevre

Community Grow Advisor

Alex Linenko

ICO Strategist

Roman Karimov

ICO and Business Strategist

Andrey Denisov

Blockchain Specialist

Paul Li

Asian Business Strategist

Giovanni Casagrande

Growth Hacking Expert

Snap News

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will the tokens be released? Are they going to be utility tokens ?

    The SnapCoin token will be released after the end of the ICO and sent directly to the Erc20 wallet provided by the customer.

  • Is your white paper available in different languages? Can you name them ?

    The original white paper is in English, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, French, spanish version will be available soon.

  • Are you adopting a local or global market strategy ?

    We are planning to implement a global market strategy.

  • Can you elaborate on the hard and soft cap ?

    The Hard cap is 59million USD, and the soft cap is 5 million USD.

  • Have you entered into partnership with any party ? Do you have sponsors so far ?

    Potential partnerships are currently under discussion.

  • Monetary strategy : How are the finances that are raised going to be used ?

    - 50 % of the funds raised will be used to recruit qualified professionals into our team. This will allow for the development of the application and the blockchain platform. We will also expand our existing sales and marketing team to cater for global presence.
    - 30 % will be used for marketing campaigns to promote Snapparazzi.
    - 5 % will be used for administration, including the operating expenditure for our global office network.
    - 5 % will be utilised in legal expenses to ensure compliance and adherence to regulations.
    - 10 % will be kept as a reserve by Snapparazzi.

  • What are the specific company objectives to be achieved within 12 months ?

    During the first 12 months, Snapparazzi will be able to release the Snapparazzi App on smartphone, the web platform and attract users. Alongside this, Snapparazzi will continue to grow by employing the appropriate team with the skills to expand the product through targeted marketing campaigns and sponsorships.

  • How could I become a Moderator ?

    Anybody can be a moderator. Once you have downloaded the Snapparazzi app and created your personal Snapparazzi account, the app will display the option to simply sign up and start moderating new content. However, there is a maximum limit of permissible moderators at any given time which will depend on the media upload rate.

  • How can I become a content creator ?

    Once you have downloaded the Snapparazzi app and created your personal Snapparazzi account, you are free to upload any content onto the platform.

  • If I am a viewer, how much could I earn ?

    As a viewer you will earn SnapCoin when you choose the option to watch any media that’s been uploaded on the Snapparazzi platform with advertisements included. The more you watch the more you will earn. All viewers will be paid from a share of the revenue received by the advertisers. At the current advertising rates, you would earn the equivalent of approximately $0.02 (in SnapCoin) per video that you watch.

  • If I am a moderator, how much could I earn ?

    All media that is uploaded on the Snapparazzi platform has to be successfully moderated 5 times to be permitted to go live. Whether the content is for the breaking news section or not, or maybe the upload content is not acceptable, the moderators will earn.
    Moderators are paid from the Moderators Fund. This fund collects 2% of all revenue from both the auction platform and the advertisement revenue and then distributes the earning pro-rata.
    The amount you could earn depends on the amount of content you moderate and how many views the media that you moderate generates.

  • If I am a content creator, how much could I earn ?

    First, you can upload media on the platform that is specifically targeted as breaking news. The footage will be uploaded onto the Snapparazzi Auction Platform whereby the interested parties will bid to purchase the footage.
    You can also have the option to set a ‘buy it now’ price. You will receive 80% of the final sales price that is achieved. The amount you can earn will depend on the demand for your footage. If you are lucky to witness something unique then you could earn the equivalent of tens of thousands of dollars in SnapCoin.
    The second option is to upload media that can be viewed by all Snapparazzi users. This footage doesn’t have to be breaking news content and you can choose to upload any content that may be found interesting or entertaining in some way to other Snapparazzi users. When users choose the option to watch content with advertisements included, for every view that your upload receives a share of the revenue paid by advertisers will go to your account.
    At the current advertising rates, you would earn approximately $0.06 (in SnapCoin) per viewing of your upload. So, for example, if your video receives 10,000 views, you will receive the equivalent of $600 in SnapCoin.

  • When I earn SnapCoin, when am I getting paid ?

    ▪ All the SnapCoin earned by any user is paid directly into their personal Snapparazzi account. This is the account that is automatically created when you download and register on the Snapparazzi app.
    ▪ Any earnings made through the Snapparazzi Auction Platform will be paid as soon as the auction has ended.
    ▪ Any earnings accumulated as a moderator, a viewer or as a content creator for non-auction media will be paid into your Snapparazzi account on a daily basis, once the Snapparazzi platform algorithm has calculated the pro-rata distribution of the advertising revenue for that 24-hour period.

  • How is the highest bid is setup ?

    ▪ When you upload media onto Snapparazzi Auction Platform, you can set a timescale for the auction to end. When it ends the highest bid is the winner.
    ▪ You also have the option of choosing the price you want to put. However, our algorithm will help you to choose the fairest price.
    ▪ You can also choose to put a ‘buy it now’ price and if this is obtained then the auction will end prematurely.

  • Is the Snapparazzi service is available in the entire world ? (any specific law rules)

    As of now, the Snapparazzi platform is available throughout the entire internet connected world.

  • What about copyrights regulation/laws ?

    As part of our term and conditions, which users must agree with when using the Snapparazzi app, the user agrees to a disclaimer that they are the rightful owner or keeper and have the rights to upload the content.

  • Can I work for Snapparazzi ?

    Snapparazzi is the platform operator and as such, we periodically look for new members to expand our team. We do not employ journalists, photographers or film makers. What Snapparazzi offers is a tool for users to improve their income with their smartphone.

  • Talk about the social media ?

    Our social networks are waiting for you, come on board !

  • Is it possible to purchase Snapparazzi’s coin using a Visa card or Master card ?

    These features will be available during the ICO.

  • What payment methods do Snapparazzi accept ?

    Snapparazzi will accept ETH, BTC, and wire transfer in euro/USD.

  • What is the minimum you can make during the Snapparazzi ICO ?

    The minimum you can invest in the Snapparazzi ICO is 0.2 Ether or USD 100.

  • How many tokens can a single person/ entity buy ?

    During the ICO, the maximum amount of tokens available to purchase by one entity is 600,000 SnapCoin.

  • Which exchanges will offer your coin ?

    Snapparazzi will be listed in a number of exchanges once the ICO is over. We already have an agreement in place with a decentralized exchange ready to list SnapCoin. This exchange will be announced during the ICO. We are also in discussions with other exchanges to list SnapCoin.

  • Does Snapparazzi ICO require KYC ? Why ? (a new one about KYC/essential topic nowadays)

    Yes, we require that all investors provide information such, first and last name, gender, date of birth, nationality, country of residence, passport/national id number. An additional scan of the passport or national ID card could be required.
    The Know Your Client form is a standard form in the investment industry that ensures investment advisors know detailed information about their clients' risk tolerance, investment knowledge, and financial position. The aim of KYC is also to prevent theft, fraud, terrorist financing and money laundering. It helps us ensure that our clients are not involved in any malpractice; hence the service provider won't get in trouble with the regulators.
    In addition, the Snapparazzi ICO is being issued from Malta. The KYC / AML for larger investors is needed for compliance with the local regulations and laws.

  • Can Snapparazzi investments come from any country ?

    Citizens from USA, North Korea, and China are not able to participate in the Snapparazzi ICO.

  • Which wallets can be used to store SnapCoin ?

    As an ERC20 token, SnapCoin can be stored in most ERC20 compatible wallets such as MyEtherWallet and Metamask.
    You can also store the coins in your Snapparazzi app.

  • Is there a real Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in Snapparazzi ?

    Yes - the app is still under development and will be release the 14th September.

  • Do you have a specific member of staff delegated to handle data security ?

    Yes, within the Snapparazzi team we have IT personnel specifically tasked to manage data security. We are also using Cloudflare services to ensure our website’s security.

  • Once customer data is collated under KYC, where is it stored ?

    Data will be encrypted and stored on our private server.

  • Is there a legal entity for the company and where is it registered ?

    Snapparazzi Ltd is legally registered in Malta under the company number C86876.

  • Is there a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or an equivalent such as Chief Compliance Office (CCO) ?

    Yes, Mr Pradeep Chandra is our CFO, and we use the services of the Eamp;S Consultancy Ltd in Malta for all legal aspects.

  • Can you say more about the company’s regulated markers (GDPR) ?

    We take our responsibility very seriously with regards to the private lives and information of our community, we will ensure that we comply with the new GDPR regulations.

  • Does your company run a support unit ?

    You can contact support at [email protected]

  • Who is in charge of the funds being collected during the campaign ?

    The funds raised during the ICO will be stored in two ways.
    • Funds received in fiat format will be stored with Snapparazzi’s financial partners who are backed by Central Bank of Lithuania.
    • The funds received in crypto format will be stored in a cold wallet.
    Snapparazzi can also store the large quantities of funds in an escrow account.

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